Hello from Tasman bay.

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Re: Hello from Tasman bay.

Postby yoeddynz » Thu May 04, 2017 10:46 pm

Hey Patrick (and Gollum).

Very good points and I'm fine with you saying so. I'm happy with constructive criticism. However I am probably somewhat like yourself in that when people tell me it cant be done or that something wont happen it usually drives me harder to proving them wrong.

But yes I have laid in bed many times since first posting my ideas up on here and thought 'wow.. its a big ask in time to completely build my own car! what if I decide against it.. what will those other guys then think of me. I'll just be yet another one of those dreamy types with lots of ideas that don't go anywhere...'

Then I pinch myself and go all realistic like. It doesn't fucking matter if it never happens eh :-) Its just a car. Plenty more projects in my life keeping me entertained including the ongoing evolution of my Vivalution..

The main thing for me is that I am excited about this. I really want it to happen. Luckily Hannah really wants it to happen too. This is good. I am constantly thinking up solutions to problems I have not yet even got to. The designs in my head have been constantly evolving and every time something neat pops up I get even more excited. Like all projects, car, housetruck or bushblock jobs that I have been doing in the past these ideas will often bug me and keep me awake for hours in the morning, especially if I have problem to solve. But I love this. There is going to be a whole shit load of learning to come with it. I am fine with all aspects of welding. Machining is my actual trade (fitter turner) and electronics/electrical work gets me quite excited (luckily).

But composite materials I have only a teeny bit of experience with. Luckily though- there are lots of people around who can help me learn that, including several locals.

For this project, of which btw I have no doubt will be ever consuming and take a huge chunk of my life with it, I am currently still in a very happy state about. How ever this time I am not posting my ideas up on any of the other forums I frequent (many) until I am well, well under way in construction. It pleases me to say that this lovely forum is the only place I have posted a proper thread up with my intentions purely because its the only Kiwi forum that has any builds similar in ethos to what I am trying to do- that is.. build my own car the way I want to :-) I am here because along the way I am sure I will need to ask of the experience from all of you guys in dealing with NZs own scratch build car regulations and the LVVTA system.

As for budget.. yep. All things can skyrocket but I am very proud in the way or levels to which I will go to in order to do things on the cheap. Hopefully by posting my build up as I have done for so many other builds others might gain knowledge and learn from my ways (and mistakes) in being a total tightwad.

So yeah... I've not gone away. I've been beavering away researching ideas. I really ought to start a thread I guess but for now I will continue to post here. I guess it can be moved when there is enough actual real progress going on.

Of which I update you on now.. First off. Two days ago I advertised my Viva HB wagon for sale. This is in order to clear out one car from our lot (one which will be very much missed as both Hannah and I have become quite fond of the little bugger), gain some coin which is needed for a cabin build on our ridgetop. We could be earning good money from airb'nb up there in our location so this has to happen. Some cash from the sale can also go towards what I deem as the start point, a windscreen! On that front I have some good news. A friend at a local glass place can secure me a Lancia Stratos screen which are available on their system and at a nice price. Hopefully not a lot of freight if I can wait a wee while. Cheaper than the ones from the UK. I have some measurements now and at 1110mm across the bottom its about the right width for what I want to build. I'll have more news on this soon.

In other news.. Hannah owns a very rare mk1 Triumph wagon that she was going to restore. This is now going to be sold to a local enthusiast and we will do the rust repairs for him. Then it goes and we get one big chunk of car space I have put dibs on. I can then have fun building a big build table (of which designing it has again kept me awake) and once I have that plus design type approval I can build away at what ever rate I want to. When I am right into something I am well known for working silly hours. But to be able to wheel the table back into the corner and cover it with a dust sheet to continue later means I have room to relax. Like said earlier there are many projects we have to take on around our bushblock so the car is purely a treat! As it should be :-)

Now of this forum I am hoping I might see more similar builds pop up. I do realise its lotus 7 based but there seems to be no other NZ forum that covers scratch built sports cars. Not knocking hotrodders and their creations, because each to their own etc but I have no interest in the hotrod scene. Lightweight, low, well handling, high revving sportscars are what hold my interest!

Alex (off to bed for sleep and design work..)
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Re: Hello from Tasman bay.

Postby Gollum » Fri May 05, 2017 9:11 am

Sounds great, I look forward to more postings! Love the HB coupe...

The Constructors Car Club might be a good bunch for you too. http://www.constructorscarclub.org.nz/index.php?page=Home
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Re: Hello from Tasman bay.

Postby nz_climber » Fri May 05, 2017 11:49 am

I was going to suggest the Constructors car club to, but honestly unless you can make it to the meetings then they are not much help. The mag is ok but doesn't include much technical details more about who found what at pick a part! There are some great people there but everything seems to be done in person which is a pain. The website is not great either (just copy's of what was in the magazine). I did suggest a few years back that there should be online resources and forums for questions, even offered to do it for them, but nothing happened. I am seriously considering about paying membership again!

On another note, get yourself a copy of the Hobby Car manual, it's mainly for hotrods but has good info about the various rules and regs that will save you having to redo things. Also I think the MANZ book (think it's schedule A) has lots of good information that is worth follow (for rollcage, seat mounts etc) so then nothing should be an issue when you get to the track.

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Re: Hello from Tasman bay.

Postby Talkiet » Fri May 05, 2017 3:18 pm

This is great - I look forward to the progress and from all your other stuff I have no doubt you're going into this with a realistic view of the complexity and time involved. It's well beyond my capability to execute but I certainly appreciate this kind of build.

Good Luck!

Cheers - N
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Re: Hello from Tasman bay.

Postby yoeddynz » Fri May 05, 2017 7:39 pm

Cheers for the suggestions fellas. Yeah I had found the car constructors club site and as pointed out above its in desperate need of a forum. I've looked through all the cars and hardly go back because there's never really anything new.

The Hobby car manual- yeah we had that at my last workplace where I used it extensively when I merged an AU Falcon chassis and a Bedford Cf body together :-) I think you can down load sections at a time now which I may well do and otherwise there is the LVVTA forum plus Oldschool forum has its own resident certifier with appropriate thread who really on the case...

http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic ... er-plates/

Yeah.. so this afternoon I spent hours weedeating on our property. So much to do here so this project will be a drawn out process until other stuff is sorted. But hey- its about the journey... :D

I do notice very often that all sorts of car projects get to a point where its almost finished and the person gives up and sells. I've talked with my old boss about this and we concluded that its really exciting when there's a right proper challenge in getting to a certain point and once the hard work is done all those little, often bland, finishing jobs that are left to do are not so exciting. The light at the end of the tunnel which seemed so close can often start drawing away and the person gets disheartened. This I've noticed can happen to a level where some even start a new hard, big project before finishing the first, I think chasing that excitement again.

I have a boot light to fit in my Viva. I have done so for several years. But I'll probably install an Mx5 rear end into the car before I fit the boot light...

I do hope this doesn't happen with this project. But I'm only Human....
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Re: Hello from Tasman bay.

Postby bzrse7en » Sat May 06, 2017 10:29 am

Well, it looks like you are going in eyes open, so that's great and I wish you luck and perserverance.

I almost joined the Constuctors car club when I was in Hamilton, but found it too Auckland-centric. There were some great guys in the club who were very helpful, one guy was also on the LVVTA tech comittee and he was very good to me. But I don't think the CCC were looking outwards as a group and that was 15 or so years ago. I went to an evening club meeting they'd set up at an Aucland Polytech and it was supposed to be about building a Locost and all the pifalls etc... so I was super keen. Well, it seems that plan went tits up and it was just a tour of a polytech. So, 4 hours of driving to, around and back from Auckland at night for bugger all. That seeled it for me.

The LVVTA forum could be good, it could be like this forum with discussions, a community etc, but it isn't. It is simply a place where you ask the LVVTA a question. Like asking the police force about the law, but you arn't going to rattle off what you have been going, just in case.

I think many builds stop just before the certifier gets involved. People, I think, get self-consious about their work (which for most of us is never as good as our dreams) and don't want to be critisised. I don't know how many people I have met who reckon it is impossible to get a car passed, the certifiers are all jerks / Nazis etc... out of the three Certifiers I worked with, none were Nazis, but they did have a way of working that you had to be aware of. If you have the rule book at hand, you can shut down most disagreements.
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Re: Hello from Tasman bay.

Postby yoeddynz » Sat May 06, 2017 10:14 pm

Yep.. Ive done work on several different cars and have dealt with 5 different certifies in the process. They certainly all have different quirks but all have been fine, so long as you keep calm and listen. I think a huge thing is keep the work neat and make their job easy. Ask questions too and don't argue. Like you say.. it's all in the hotrod bible and that's where any conflicts can be sorted out.
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