Sealing gas tank

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Sealing gas tank

Postby Gollum » Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:53 am

Hi guys. A bit of a random question, what do you rate as the best way/product to clean out and seal an old steel gas tank? I have an old Right-Hand Cooper S tank under my bench. I've been thinking about sticking it in my wife's Mini but it probably needs some loving first. It is straight and sound but hasn't had gas for 10 years or so.

POR15 seems to be the most popular 'system' but I've heard of people having problems with it coming off and blocking outlets/filters/carbs etc. I know much of it comes down to prep and application but I have seen properly applied POR15 come off sandblasted steel. Eastwood also do a product but I've not heard much about it.

I know you all use aluminium tanks for your 7's but maybe some of you have had experience with saving a steel tank? Do I just flush it out with some gas and hope for the best or go the whole hog with a sealing kit?
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