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EFI mechanic needed

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:34 am
by JDaly
Can anyone recommend a good patient mechanic who can get my car running right, and who is not put off by a slightly customized non-std engine?
I have a Nissan CA18DE.
When you blip the accelerator, the revs drop and it sometimes stalls. I think what is happening is as soon as the idle switch goes off, the ECU is giving it too much or too little fuel. But I don't know how to confirm that or fix it.

I am looking for a mechanic or workshop that are sympathetic to this kind of custom/modified car - somebody who can work through a problem from first principles. Christchurch based.


Re: EFI mechanic needed

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:34 pm
by heavyseven
I've been told to see Reuben York at "Rapid Performance" regarding my SR20, they are Timaru based though...
Figure they'd be happy to deal with a seven, and I know they are into Nissan power plants.

Re: EFI mechanic needed

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:39 pm
by bzrse7en
Likely lean, what colour are the plugs and exhaust?
Remove the vacuume line to the fuel pressure reg and try again. This'll richen mixture slightly.
To richen further, you can clamp / squeeze the return line to the tank a bit, again this will richen mixture (a lot), assuming pump is OK.
It is easy enough to test TPS sensor with digital multimeter. You could just get another TPS from pick a part and try, will be cheap enough.
Check the EFI temp sensor with multimeter(not gauge sensor).
Download the manual.
That engine has been in a couple of sheds, maybe the throttle plate stop has been mucked around with, so check specs on this.
Worth also checking fuel pressure, I have a gauge, but you'd need to find a few BSPT fittings to make it work.

With my 20v 4age, it was lean and had a hesitation, there was nothing untoward, the management system was tuned to the corrollas exhaust and air filter, the only solution(s) were raise fuel pressure, fit bigger injectors or using a tuneable ECU, I did all three successfully and settled on the last.

I reckon you are more than capable of the above, but I'm willing to help if necessary.