Jason A Haynes Roadster build

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Jason A Haynes Roadster build

Post by Diggerguy37 » Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:18 pm

Well after owning a Leitch 7 about a year ago and enjoying it for what it was I was hooked.But coming from a performance back ground I decided that a more modern looking take on a classic design and of course more grunt was in order.
I relutantly parted with my Lietch and was on the hunt for a car to fulfill my wish list.Pretty soon I realized that I would have to build such a car as I couldnt afford what I wanted and sacrifices would have to be made and a reality check of my expectations.
Several things concerned me about building a car.
1) Huge work load-long hours.
2)modest budget
3)3 young kids= bugger all time to build and source parts.
4)my ability or lack of in some cases,however have good mechanical and engineering understanding.
Even taking this into consideration the more I thought about building a car the more enthusiastic I became so after looking around I bought a 90% welded up rusty chassis that had been sitting around for about a year.It had a set of wishbones,and CA18DET engine and gearbox mounted.
So off I set to Picton early one Saturday morning at start of Feburary and after 10hrs driving had it home.
The first couple of weekends were spent with wire wheel sanding up frame to get an undercoat on it as wanted frame to be sealed before winter.
The next weeks to follow were shopping for parts and depleting the bank account -protec shocks from uk,suspension bushes,sorting rear uprights,wheels,alloy sheet for floor and side panels,seats,welder,more tooling etc etc etc.
etc.Shit there goes a good chunk of money.Quickly discovering that not only are one off (built to suit) parts expensive but alot of time and effort is involved in nutting things out and I have been through emotional highs and big lows already.Felt pretty stessed at times but had a break though today and car is off the operating table so even though this skeleton on wheels doesnt look like much,It is a step in the right direction for me and a moral boost.
As I say,Ive got quite afew parts waiting to fit but no point atm.
Next stages are a trip to Mark for fitting/setting up rack for bump steer,sort steering shaft,fuel tank to be made and roll bar.Then get final sign off on chassis,strip the car,paint frame,skin the floor and start bolting on parts permantly which will be pretty cool.
Thats all for now but heres some first pics.J
Jasons_Lotus_008_2.jpg (76.99 KiB) Viewed 1349 times
Jasons_Lotus_006_2.jpg (79.76 KiB) Viewed 1349 times

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