Seats continued - a brief tangent - 3D scanning

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Seats continued - a brief tangent - 3D scanning

Post by Fish86 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:02 am

Well I had asked a lot of questions about seats in one of my last posts but I thought I would show something that may be useful to others. I basically started with a car that has been partially completed. I am quite new to cars in general but using this project to learn heaps. As a lot of my geometry already exists, there is a lot of reverse modelling going on.

When deciding on making seats, I spent some time measuring/modelling the cockpit area which I found to be useful but tedious and boring. Basically the not so fun side of making new things is figuring out the geometry you have to work with. Although you will have to do this no matter what, I thought I would share one way to make it a bit faster...or for me... a bit different to traditional techniques.

If you know what a Microsoft Kinect is (I didn't really at the time), you can use these gaming modules as 3D scanners. Apparently they never took off as a useful addition to gaming which is good cause you can pick them up for $40 on Trademe. With lots of internet help, I was able to scan the interior of the car. Of course the first time it probably took about the same amount of time as doing it the traditional way (just measuring) but now on, it will be a hell of a lot faster.
There are lots of tips and tricks I can share as scanning large things (such as a car) can be tricky, especially if you are doing it in a small garage. This technique will be super useful for small complex parts you may want to replicate as I found scanning small things to be much easier and it was easy to obtain accurate dimensions.

Here is a snapshot of the scan. Of course, you can scan as much as you want, it just takes time putting scans together which is why I have neglected the front of the car for now.
carscan.JPG (35.21 KiB) Viewed 608 times

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