VAG 1.8T

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VAG 1.8T

Post by bzrse7en » Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:13 am

It got me thinking why no one localy uses the VW / Audi 1.8T in a seven. I suppose partly because German cars are considered exotic / rare, not actually as good as Japanese, expensive and no tranny options.

Looking on TM, I see plenty of Audi VW 1.8Ts with blown transmissions, and selling for reasonable $
The 1.8T has a good mechanical reliability record and can be tuned to make very good power.
Parts are reasonably priced.
Donkervort use the 1.8T as standard on a Ford gearbox, as do another dutch kitcar maker.

These are the advantages as I see it.
No lag turbo
Not heavy.
Reasonably compact and short
North-south mounting in the A4, so water piping to front, also oil delivery not effected by Gs, unlike 3sge turned from east west.
Also available in east west configuration and mid mounted so has a variety of different manifolds, sumps and plumbing, and they all fit every 1.8T
Larger turbo and other tuning toys available
Tuneable ECU, although costly, easily converted to aftermarket ECU like megasquirt.

Most A4 and Passats here are autos (good as the autos crap out), but a flywheel is needed, aftermarket is the only way to go @ $500.
An adapter is needed to fit ford gearbox.

1.8T in a donkervort:

here are two links to 1.8Ts in kitcars, there are more, just need to re-find them. ... -results=3

I know this one is mid mounted, but it shows the power the 1.8T will make.

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Re: VAG 1.8T

Post by Spyder » Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:40 pm

And Link now have a plug in ECU for this engine.

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Re: VAG 1.8T

Post by bzrse7en » Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:30 pm

Here is a bellhousing for ford Type 9 gearbox

And an adapter for the MT75, which looks simple enough to make out of 1/2" alloy.

And something similar..

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