Wanganui, Mcsorely 442E / MX5

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Re: Wanganui, Mcsorely 442E / MX5

Post by Wanganui7 » Sun May 30, 2021 3:09 pm

Took the car for a run after fitting new flywheel and am very pleased with the result. For the cost of $US 120 , $NZ 300 including postage and GST it's a good performance upgrade. The little 1600 engine with only 100 hp struggled to get to the redline with the standard 7.9 kg flywheel . The new 4.8 kg one revs to the redline with ease with way better acceleration. The engine idle increased 500 revs so I backed it off a little. Still very easy to get off the line from a standing start so I'm sure you could go to an alloy 3.5kg flywheel on a 600kg car.

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