Crash protection in a seven...

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Re: Crash protection in a seven...

Post by Talkiet » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:05 am

I had this question too after seeing specialist "HANS belts that had a 3" to 2" transition at the shoulder to fit more easily over the device between the belt guides. However 3" belts are perfectly fine... The official FAQ from the manufacturer says...

"What type of shoulder belts work best with a HANS Device?
Any SFI or FIA approved shoulder harness system works fine with the HANS Device.
2" or 3" shoulder belts in nylon or polyester work fine with the HANS Device.
Be sure to mount and replace your belts in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Only the HANS Device spreads the belts around your neck, preventing chafing and maximizing belt performance."

And they fit just fine when I tested last night. They ride slightly up the device towards the neck, but this is normal and even commented on in the instructions. One thing to watch is the location of the shoulder belt mounts. They should be close together - and the docs even suggest a common point or crossover is good. There are also belt angle requirements worth checking out.

Actually, the docs do t a good job of explaining it. ... 202014.pdf

Cheers - Neil G

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Re: Crash protection in a seven...

Post by nz_climber » Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:44 pm

Thanks for the info

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Re: Crash protection in a seven...

Post by Linesy » Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:42 pm

Interesting weekend at Teretonga. First weekend out and track and I don't currently have a neck restraint.
I did practice, qualifying & Race 1 in my gear. Whilst standing talking with others in my class who had had some mechanical issues, one of gents brought up the fact he noticed I was racing without such a device. He was more horrified than anything and had witnessed the crashes at both Ruapuna & Levels.
Given his mechanical woes he insisted I borrow his helmet & neck restraint for the balance of the weekend.

Got to say it was good to wear, locked me down nicely into the seat and allowed enough movement when racing. I will most definitely be investing in one!
Great to have a back to back comparison.

Great display of kindness from a fellow competitor, Bill Roughan from Napier - all round top bloke and nice guy!

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Re: Crash protection in a seven...

Post by Talkiet » Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:51 pm

I had a sprint on Sunday and apart from a persistent engine issue (I am pretty sure it's the ISCV since when I disconnected it the engine seems to idle ok - but high) had a pretty good day.

It takes a minute longer to get myself strapped in with the HANS and new helmet with only a double D ring strap, but it's easy enough to get them helmet and HANS off and on leaving them connected. On track it was noticeably restrictive at the limits of head turning, but I had a good 200 degrees of vision side to side at least, maybe more. For normal looking ahead racing I didn't even notice it was there... If I lost sight of someone in a blind spot however it was a bit un-nerving. I think I just have to play with the mirrors a bit more and learn to use and trust them.

ON the whole though it's a win. Not as restrictive as feared and once adjusted properly, no discomfort.

Cheers - N

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