DIY cornerweight system

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Re: DIY cornerweight system

Post by Talkiet » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:25 pm

Proof of concept is great.. a few things to do but nothing hard (except software)

- Build a calibration/TARE function into the scales along with a button and status LED
- Swap out the NodeMCUs for a version with an integrated 18650 battery holder
- Add a power button
- Build roll on/roll off platforms
- Some solution for a better presentation, perhaps a phone app, perhaps one of the scales will act as master and serve up a pretty page with all the weights and crossweights/totals etc...
- 3D print an enclosure for the boards and wiring for each scale

But huge success so far. (The right rear scale was reading about 12kg heavy - I didn't individually calibrate them before running this test)

I also went and had a look at the single seater you linked Evan. Tempting and an absolute bargain. The nice trailer it's on is included and would fit a 7 as well. There's a bit to do but it looks very very nice. The only concern I had was the size of the chromoly wishbones. I wish I had measured it but it seems to be about 15mm tube. Maybe that was ok with a 100hp subaru engine and skinny tyres, but with TRS slicks on it it just looks spindly. Nothing that couldn't be fixed, but I am not 100% sure I'd want to hit any ripple strips in it, ever.

Cheers - N

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