Virtual and Socially Distant 7s

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Virtual and Socially Distant 7s

Post by BusaLoco » Sun Sep 27, 2020 7:03 am

Hi All,
I admin for a Facebook Group called 7Spot (over 6,500 very active members).
I surf the internet and join different groups (worldwide) so that I can find interesting stories to share in a livestream event we call “Virtual and Socially Distant 7s”.
You can check out our Newsletter, if you’d like, to see a few samples. … and
These are just a quick walk around videos of worldwide owners and their 7s, … kind of like a quick “cars and coffee” style car show.
We have done Livestreams from Lithuania, South Africa, Canada, Japan, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, the USA, Scotland, England, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hungary, Italy and Poland.
At 7Spot Media, we are also preparing a video documentary on the Original Lotus 7s of Argentina and will soon be doing Livestream interviews with several owners of these rare cars in Argentina, Spain and other countries.
If doing a walk around Livestream interview of your 7 might be of interest, please contact me so that we can get to know each other and discuss the details.
… You don’t have to become a member of our group! … This isn’t a membership drive.
… We just want to find some NZ owners of Steel Brothers Lotus 7s, Frasers, Chevrons, McGregors and Clubmans with interesting stories to tell.
… If you have a Facebook account and want to check us out, please feel free!
… If you do not like what you see, … just FIRE us!
Cheers from Vancouver, Canada!
Jim Gould
aka 7Spot Jim

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