My car so far

Tell us about your Seven and show us some pics of your car
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Re: My car so far

Post by bzrse7en » Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:24 pm

Hi Russel
I didn't catch what engine you have.

What are the details on the hotwires you are selling?


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Re: My car so far

Post by Russell » Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:07 pm

From earlier post a bit of an update

1 Fit the in wheel/tyre sensors for temp and pressure
Done and cool item but two have misbehaves no need to fix

2 Figure out the air flow through the engine bay and improve
New bonne neede from quake so cutting up old one to see what works. Main item is to shroud the inter cooler

3 New dash and align the gauge colours (some white some black)
Have found a leather bonded flooring that will make new dash and still waiting delivery
Probably line boot with this too

4 Rear linkage system anti roll seems odd every time we look at it
Stare at this a bit but so far no bright ideas

5 Rear guard protector facings
Covered all guards with carbon fibre mat and lots of clear coat there after and plastic film thereafter

6 New radiator with greater volume and a second look at the oil cooler
Got both and installed and this does make a difference

7 A better gear box as too much is being asked of the current one
Swapped out and now looking at old one as a rebuild with specific gearing to suit

8 Interior carpets and leather bits to suit
Stil waiting. The leather (cow hide) flooring looks a cool easy and light fix here

9 Push button start and ignition kill switch
Done nd a smile factor on start up

10 New Bonnet
On way

11 Paint the body and this is final item
Re clad in aluminum seems the go and soon

12 Powder coated chrome Molly crash cage and this is nice feature in a shiny black
Just need to modify wind protectors

13 Also fitted contour camera. Nice to capture where u have been

14 new steering rack and associated bits

15 redid wiring for lights at rear and carbon fibre covered old chrome shells at front and these look good

8 9 10 & 11 All to be complete before end of Mayan calendar

Mmmm. Seems a lot when you list them

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