Custom A-arms and Info sheet 01-2012

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Custom A-arms and Info sheet 01-2012

Post by JDaly » Mon May 28, 2012 7:38 am

I need to source or build some custom A-arms for my front suspension. Reading the info sheets on the lvvta website, I see that in March this year they relaxed the rules a bit for getting custom A-arms design-approved. See info sheet 01-2012. Has anyone tested this rule change this yet? You don't need a design approval for custom A-arms, provided they are part of a "OE" suspension system. Does a locost frame, built by the book, with mounting brackets in the standard locatio, count as "OE"?

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Re: Custom A-arms and Info sheet 01-2012

Post by nz_climber » Mon May 28, 2012 10:33 am

I suggest talking to Mark at Mcgregor Motorsport, they do a-arms for a lot of 7's so will be up to date with all the rules

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