Megasquirt 3

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Re: Megasquirt 3

Post by bzrse7en » Mon May 14, 2012 9:28 am

flewy wrote:Hey guys

Why don't you need to tune the Megasquirt on a dyno?

I understand your reasons why you won't touch Link, but personally and having met the dude I reckon he would be all out to help you guys out somewhat, especially since he is down the road.

Let us know the Megasquirt results!!!

I suppose the choice to go MS over link is as much about who we are as individuals as it is about $$.
Consider the members on this forum, we have a common interest in Lotus type cars, but that is where the commonality ends.
Some buy a car and enjoy it, some build a kit and enjoy the experience of bolting it together and owning, whilst others wouldn't be happy with either, and get their joy from building one from the most basic materials and parts.
To me building something from scratch is cool, although it isn't for everyone.

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Re: Megasquirt 3

Post by Rookie » Wed May 16, 2012 2:11 pm

^ Basically this. For me it comes down to $$ I can't possibly justify $2000+ on something that can be done just as well (if not better) by something that costs $500. Great person or not, its just too expensive for the gain. Agree on the dyno to get the map perfect.

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